Steel Siding from Superior Products Colorado

Steel siding is metal siding that comes in an array of colors & styles. Steel siding is most commonly used for commercial applications, but the residential market is seeing an upswing in the use of steel siding.

Steel siding, also called metal siding, is becoming more popular in Colorado because it performs well in Colorado’s climate. The typical issue with steel siding is that it’s susceptible to rust, but that’s mitigated naturally by Colorado’s dry climate, as well as manufacturer-applied finishes applied to metal siding. Another big plus is that steel siding performs well against hail, and some steel siding manufacturers even provide a warranty against hail. (No other siding material manufacturers offer this.)

Steel siding is often used in residential applications to match the existing architectural design of a building to maintain consistency of aesthetics. And many people simply like and have a personal preference for the look of steel siding over other types of siding materials. Steel siding also is available in more color options than vinyl, so steel siding may be the only way to get the color you want without having to prime and paint the siding.

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  • Siding Contractors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Siding Contractors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Siding Contractors | Superior Products Colorado

What Are The Benefits of Steel Siding?

  • Energy-efficient: Steel siding is energy efficient, particularly when coupled with a layer of insulation.
  • Resists Wildlife & Insects: Steel siding resists termites and woodpeckers.
  • Resists Fire: Steel siding resists fire.
  • No Rot: Steel siding will never rot.
  • Color Choices: Steel siding comes in a variety of styles and offers a large number of color choices without having to paint the metal siding.
  • Low Maintenance: Steel siding can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Brands of Steel Siding We Carry

  • Alside – Satinwood Steel Siding
  • Revere – Cedarwood Steel Siding

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