Engineered Wood Siding from Superior Products Colorado

Engineered wood siding offers the beauty of real wood, without the hassles, headaches, and maintenance requirements. Engineered wood also comes in 16-foot lengths, which creates a streamlined, sleek look with less seams than other types of home siding.

What Is Engineered Wood Siding?

Engineered wood siding products are made up of wood strands coated with a resin binder and compressed to create a composite board that’s both lightweight, yet strong and durable.  Each board, or piece of engineered wood, also is treated with a zinc-borate application system to protect against termites and rot.  Engineered wood boards are then coated with a moisture-resistent overlay that’s embossed with a cedar-grain pattern for the natural look of wood.  Engineered wood products are engineered to precise design specifications and dimensions.

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  • Siding Contractors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Siding Contractors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Siding Contractors | Superior Products Colorado

What Are the Benefits of Engineered Wood Siding?

  • Natural Look of Wood Without The Headaches of Regular Wood:  Natural woodgrain look enhances curb appeal.
  • Performs Like Wood:  Engineered wood siding can be cut like traditional wood, i.e. no special saws or special saw blades are needed. It takes nails and screws easily.
  • Fast, Easy Installation: Engineered wood is stronger than regular wood but thinner and more lightweight, which makes it faster and easier to install.
  • Durable:  Engineered wood resists termite damage and fungal decay (also known as “rot”).
  • Knot-free:  Unlike regular wood, engineered wood siding has no knots.
  • Maintains Shape:  Engineered wood resists the “cupping” and warping that’s common with regular wood siding.
  • Save Money:  Engineered wood siding typically costs LESS than traditional wood siding and lasts longer.
  • Available In 16-foot lengths:  Engineered wood comes in precise 16-foot lengths, which minimizes the amount of seams and minimizes waste.
  • Reduced Maintenance:  Engineered wood requires very little maintenance.
  • Amazing Warranty: LP Smartside offers a 5-year warranty on labor, and a 50-year material warranty which is unmatched by any other siding manufacturer.

Engineered Wood Siding Products We Carry

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