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Acrylic Interior Storm Windows | Superior Products Colorado

Magnetic Acrylic Windows, which function as interior storm windows, are God’s gift to homeowners who just can’t replace their windows, because of cost, HOA mandates, historic preservation mandates, or general aesthetics. A magnetic acrylic window functions like an indoor storm window, and it absolutely stops drafts, and insulates from heat, cold, and noise. Optical-grade acrylic is used for these acrylic windows because acrylic is much better insulating than glass, and it doesn’t yellow like Plexi-glass.

Magnetic Acrylic Windows are particularly appropriate for older or historic homes where it’s particularly costly to replace antique windows, or there’s a mandate from a historical society to leave the windows as they are. Yet, the windows in older or historic homes typically are leaky and drafty – resulting in high heating and cooling costs, as well as noise complaints. Our magnetic acrylic windows are an excellent and affordable solution for those who own fine old or historic homes, and are not able to replace the windows for whatever reason. Magnetic acrylic window systems are easy to install, and can cost up to 40% less than the cost of standard replacement windows. If you own a historic home and need to create an interior storm window, you owe it to yourself to check out Superior Products’ magnetic acrylic window systems!

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  • Replacement Windows Denver | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Windows Denver | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Windows Denver | Superior Products Colorado

What Is A Magnetic Acrylic Window?

Magnetic acrylic windows involve creating an acrylic sheet with a frame around it to match the dimensions of the specific drafty window.  It is held in place by a magnetic strip around the edges of the acrylic sheet which attaches to a metal frame mounted on the inside of the window.  Since it’s held in place by magnetics, it’s easy to remove the acrylic panel simply by pulling it off the metal frame.

Acrylic Interior Storm Windows | Superior Products Colorado

Interior storm windows such as magnetic acrylic windows are appropriate anywhere you have a drafty window but simply can’t replace the window, either because of cost, a mandate from a historic preservation society, general aesthetics, or some other reason. Typical scenarios where magnetic acrylic window systems are appropriate include:

  • Historic properties
  • Properties on a historic registry or located in a historic district that can’t be altered architecturally including windows
  • Properties with beautiful lead windows that you want to preserve, but also need to insulate the inside of the window
  • Historic preservation groups involved in a renovation of an old property
  • Homeowners with unusually shaped windows or windows that are not perfectly square
  • Renters who want to warm up their drafty residence and who don’t want to spend their own money replacing a window.

What Do Magnetic Acrylic Windows Cost?

Costs vary widely on these interior storm windows based on the size of the window. The larger the window, the larger the sheet of acrylic that’s needed along with a rail system. However, magnetic acrylic window systems typically cost roughly 40% less than the cost of replacing the window.

Benefits of Magnetic Acrylic Windows For Interior Storm Windows

  • Energy Savings: Your “R-value” typically improve by 3-7 points depending on the specifics of your window.
  • Increased Comfort:  Drafts and noise will be a thing of the past when a magnetic acrylic window is installed inside your existing window because of its airtight seal against the original window.
  • Noise Reduction:  If you live on a busy street or near some noisy neighbors blasting the neighborhood with a pounding bass on their sound system, you’ll see a noise reduction of between 30-50%. Magnetic acrylic window systems are great for general noise reduction. They’re also great if you work a swing or night shift and you need to sleep when everyone else is running around mowing their lawn or blasting the pipes on their souped up motorcycle.
  • UV Protection: These acrylic windows also filter out UV light that can fade your furniture.
  • Impact Resistant: Magnetic acrylic windows are 10-15 times stronger than double strength glass.
  • Light Transmission: Acrylic is CRYSTAL CLEAR and does not yellow. So the sun will shine in, without the UV rays.
  • Scratch Resistant: Acrylic is a durable material that resists scratches.
  • Works For All Sizes and Shapes of Windows: Magnetic Acrylic Windows can be made to order for the particular size and shape of your window.
  • Ideal For Historic Preservations: If you’ve been leaving no stone unturned to find a way to adhere to historic preservation guidelines but want the home or building to be warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, Magnetic Acrylic Windows serving as interior storm windows are the answer!
  • Removable: Particularly for the version where the acrylic panel and its frame simply adhere to a metal rail system using a magnetic strip, it’s easy to gently pull on one end of the acrylic sheet and its frame, and it will pop off the railing system easily.

In summary, Magnetic Acrylic Window Systems are an amazingly functional and cost-effective solution for creating affordable, effective interior storm windows. Magnet Acrylic Windows seal old, drafty windows of older homes and historic properties to block heat, cold, and noise – and they cost 40% less than replacing the window.

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