Replacement Windows Buying Guide Quick Tips

Given that spring and summer are the most popular times of the year to buy replacement windows, Superior Products Colorado is offering a series of windows buying guide quick tips, as well as a full Replacement Window Buying Guide in the Knowledge Center of our website.

Windows Buying Guide | Superior Products ColoradoHere are some quick tips on buying windows from our replacement windows buying guide on our website:

1) Choose the TYPE of window first.

It’s important to know the pros & cons to each of these types of windows so that you can make an informed decision. Your options are:

  • Vinyl windows
  • Fiberglass windows
  • Wooden windows

2) Understand what makes a quality window.

Price is an important indicator into how a window is made. They look the same from the outside, but there are significant differents in quality at various price points. The real trick is to learn to ask the right questions about replacement windows that you’re considering. The answers to those questions will determine if you’re getting a quality, long-lasting window…or not. To learn more, read our Replacement Window Guide.

3) Understand the STYLE of replacement windows that are available.

The style of window that’s best is determined by where the window is located and what kind of movement you want. There are “fixed” windows that don’t move, and window that can slide or swing open. Windows can slide horizontally or vertically. Windows can swing out from top to bottom or from side to side. One portion of the window can move while the other stays constant. Again, all this is contingent on where the window is located and what movement you want. To see a list of 14 different styles of windows, read our Replacement Window Guide.

4) Understand the differences in replacement window GLASS.

There are two main thicknesses of glass for replacement windows: single-strength or double-strength. No surprises, double-strength glass is thicker and more durable. You’ll also have the choice of double-pane windows, or triple-pane windows, with the triple-pane windows offering the most insulation.

Windows Buying Guide | Superior Products Colorado5) Understand glass ratings.

There are 2 glass ratings: one that rates heat loss and one that rates light transmission. Before you make decisions on replacement windows, be sure to set your goals for areas in your house that are hit with a lot of sun and heat up the house, and those areas that need more light. Then choose the glass for those specific windows accordingly.

6) Understand replacement window glass classifications.

There are 3 types of glass classifications: 366 glass, 272 glass & non-treated glass. Glass options for 366 and 272 are coated glass that controls the amount of light that comes through. The numbers relate to how many coatings and how much light comes through.

  • 366 glass: Has 3 coatings, lets 66% of the light through, and blocks the most light.
  • 272 glass: Has 2 coatings, lets 72% of the light through, and is a good choice when you have a room that’s cold in the winter.
  • Untreated glass: Lets the most light in, and is best for people who get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition where depression sets in when they are not exposed to enough natural light.

7) Understand the gas inside the panes of glass.

No question, multi-pane windows provide more insulation than single-pane windows. Today’s modern replacement windows also have an insert gas that’s inserted between the panes of glass. This also adds an insulation factor. There are 3 main types of insert gas in between the panes of glass on a modern window. Those include:

  • Oxygen (basic)
  • Argon (good)
  • Krypton (the best)

Windows Buying Guide | Superior Products ColoradoIn our Replacement Window Buying Guide, you’ll find a lot more detail on how to buy the right windows and get good value and performance for the money you spend. For more information, please read our Replacement Window Buying Guide, and use it as a helpful tool when shopping for replacement windows.

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