Quick Tips on How To Buy Replacement Windows

How To Buy Replacement Windows | Superior Products ColoradoWhen home owners are planning to buy replacement windows, they often start researching their options, learning window “lingo,” and more. We at Superior Products Colorado have been in the window business for 30 years, and we’ve pretty much seen it all: the good, the bad, the ugly. With that in mind, we’d like to share some of our expert knowledge on windows to help home owners know more about how to buy replacement windows.

The Key Questions You Should Ask To Help You Buy Replacement Windows

To get the right answers for your process of buying replacement windows, it really comes down to asking the right questions. Here are highlights of the questions you should ask to help you make the best decisions about what replacement windows are best for your budget and for your home.

Vinyl Window Questions To Ask:

1) Ask if the vinyl used in the windows are virgin vinyl or re-manufactured. (Virgin vinyl is the strongest; re-manufactured vinyl has a lower price but can break.)

2) Ask if the window frames on the vinyl windows are fused together or fastened mechanically. (Fused window frames are stronger and more durable.)

How To Buy Replacement Windows | Superior Products Colorado

Fiberglass Window Questions To Ask:

1) Ask if the window is 100% fiberglass. (Some “fiberglass” windows are actually constructed of other materials.)

2) What’s the warranty on the glass of this window? (Fiberglass window frames are super strong and can outlast the glass. Make sure the glass has a good, long warranty or the frame may outlast the glass.)

How To Buy Replacement Windows | Superior Products Colorado

Wooden Window Questions To Ask:

1) Ask if the frame and the sash are made from the same species of wood. (Different types of wood perform differently. The best wooden windows use the same type of wood for the wood and the sash.)

2) What maintenance will these wooden windows require? (No question, natural wood is gorgeous. But it requires maintenance that vinyl and fiberglass windows don’t require. Before you buy wooden windows, make sure you’re up to the task of performing the maintenance. Or make sure you have enough budget to pay somebody else to perform the window maintenance.)

Window Glass Questions To Ask:

1) Does this window have single- or double-strength glass? (This helps you compare apples to apples when assessing price.)

2) What’s the warranty on the window glass? (Again, this will help you do a better job of comparing windows.)

3) Does the manufacturer certify the percentage of gas inserted between the panes? (You can’t see the inert gases that are inserted between double- and triple-pane windows. So the only way you’ll know what’s there, and how much, is to ask for a written statement from the window manufacturer.)

For more information on how to buy replacement windows, please read our Replacement Window Buying Guide in the Knowledge Center of our website.

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