Suburban Home Exterior Remodel & Addition


This suburban home remodeling project featured significant remodeling because the home owners had made a commitment to stay in the home for many years to come. They wanted the weathered, damaged wood siding replaced. In addition, the home owners wanted a significant facelift of the front of the house, which had overgrown bushes, and unsightly window wells on the front porch. Finally, the owners wanted an addition on the back of the house to house a second-level observatory, and a private, heated Jacuzzi room for their own home spa area.

The Solutions

Superior Products Home Remodeling renovation team completed a significant remodel of the house that included:

New siding & decorative accents: Superior Products removed and replaced all side wall and gable siding, added energy-efficient insulation, and added charming new detailing such as soffits, octagon-shaped gable vents, and new shutters.

New windows: Superior Products removed and replaced existing windows with energy-efficient windows. These new windows also featured custom extra-wide window sills inside the home to provide the home owner’s cats with extra wide areas to comfortably sit in the windows for relaxing and sun-bathing.

New Front Porch With More Curb Appeal: The Superior team also re-designed and rebuilt the home’s front porch by removing the overgrown bushes hiding the house and removing the current walkway from the sidewalk to the entrance. Then, Superior Products built a new, expanded front porch deck that allowed room for a table and chairs, and artfully diminished the negative effects of the window wells on the front of the house.

New Front Door: An elegant new front door with side windows with decorative glass were added as part of the new entry design.

New Home Spa Addition: A new home spa addition allowed for a heated, enclosed private home spa area, while also creating a rooftop observatory deck above the Jacuzzi room addition that was accessed by a new, cut-in door from a second-story bedroom.

The Results

The homeowners now have a beautiful, functional home that they can enjoy for many years to come. New siding, insulation, doors, and windows illustrate how to improve energy efficiency of a home and how to reduce energy bills for heating and cooling a home. New entryway work creates a more welcoming ambiance in approaching the house, and highlights how to improve the curb appeal of a home. The new Jacuzzi room home spa addition provides a quiet, comfortable, and private area for healing and rejuvenation. This home renovation with new home spa area won an Honorable Mention for Exterior Remodeling.