Cedar Siding Replacement Project

Cedar Siding Replacement Project: The Challenges

The Superior Products Home Remodeling renovation team stepped in to help these home owners after the home owners won a legal settlement against a previous contractor who had used “Liquid Siding” on the cedar. That liquid siding process had turned their cedar-sided home pink from the original rich tones of cedar wood. The previous contractor’s liquid siding treatment also had damaged the siding and created moisture penetrations on the north side of the house, leaving the home vulnerable to potential water damage. In addition to the problems with the liquid siding, this home had a front porch area that was extremely dated and uninviting, and not designed to let the home owners take advantage of outdoor living opportunities that come with living in Colorado.

Cedar Siding Replacement Project: The Solutions

Replacement of Old Cedar Siding and Decorative Elements: Superior Products’ team handled replacement of all gable and wall siding using textured fiber cement siding over energy-efficient insulation and home wrap. They also added architectural diagonal cuts on the north side of the home. Stonework included adding a wainscot around the home perimeter, front support posts to hide the downspouts, and full wall areas designed by the homeowner.

Deck Renovation: Superior Products also removed two, non-structural front post supports and the existing rotted wood decking and rail system, and rebuilt the decking system.

New Front Porch & Gutters: The front porch area also underwent a replacement of all fascia and soffit with fiber cement siding, and a high-value gutter system.

Final work included coordination of installation of materials with the landscape architect and landscape contractor on the redesign of the front porch area for functional outdoor living, and building a shed behind the house to store gardening and lawn care tools and equipment.

Cedar Siding Replacement Project: The Results

This modern home went from shocking pink to stunning after Superior Products Colorado remodeled it. Damaged pink cedar was replaced with durable energy-efficient fiber cement siding in natural tones that blends with the landscape. Entryway drama and curb appeal was vastly improved. The home owners were able to enjoy much more outdoor living and Colorado’s wonderful climate with the additional of a functional new deck. After the remodel, this home won a 1st place CARE (Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence) award for exterior remodeling.