Wood Siding Replacement Project: Pine-sided Home Damaged By Woodpeckers Gets A Facelift

Wood Siding Replacement Project: The Challenges

Superior Products stepped in to help these home owners deal with a pine-sided home significantly damaged by woodpeckers. The “industrious” woodpeckers left the weathered pine siding deeply pitted, making the home subject to water damage in rains & snows. The siding itself also was deeply weathered, and the massive deck and rail system was rotted, diminishing the home’s curb appeal and compromising safety.

Wood Siding Replacement Project: The Solutions

New fiber cement siding & insulation: Superior Products replaced the pitted, woodpecker-damaged pine siding with durable, fire resistant fiber cement siding installed over energy-efficient insulation and home wrap, complete with a new, natural color palette to complement the roofing, stone work, and surrounding landscape.

New decking: For both safety and aesthetics, the Superior Products remodeling team reinforced and repaired the decking support structure to comply with current building codes. Once that was completed, new composite decking materials with decorative metal balusters were installed.

Landscaping & stone work: Superior Products also coodinated with landscape and mason contractors to finish out the project.

Wood Siding Replacement Project: The Results

The owners now have a beautiful, re-vitalized, functional, and energy-efficient home.

Structural integrity, safety, and aesthetic issues with the old rotted decking have been resolved with a vibrant, new, and inviting outdoor living space. Woodpeckers have migrated elsewhere, as fiber cement was not their surface of choice. This home remodel was awarded a First-place CARE Award (Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence) for “Exterior Remodeling-Siding.”