Eco-friendly, Stucco-lation Remodeling Project

Stucco Siding Project: 1st Place Award Winner – Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (CARE) Program (Green remodel, energy conserving, sustainable design)

Stucco Siding Project: The Challenges

Superior Products Colorado was commissioned to do this stucco siding project, using its innovative “Stucco-lation” process to solve numerous challenges with this modest home.  Specifically, the home had deteriorating asbestos siding that was cracking and flaking, resulting in asbestos being released into the environment. The home also had huge differences in temperature from room to room, and extensive thermal leakage — which compromised comfort from room to room, and resulted in high heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The homeowner’s goals were to:

  • Give the home a facelift without disturbing the asbestos siding
  • Reduce energy usage, energy costs, and their carbon footprint
  • Stabilize temperatures from room to room for added comfort in general, and throughout all four seasons.

Stucco Siding Project: The Solution

Superior Products’ Stucco-lation process was the perfect answer! Here’s what the Superior Products’ team did to achieve the homeowner’s goals for this stucco siding project:

  • Completely encapsulated the asbestos siding by spraying a metallic-based, moisture cure polyurethane coating that seals air, moisture, and minerals out of surfaces.  (This coating meets EPA standards for Volatile Organic Compounds, aka VOCs.)
  • Attached ¾-inch Polyisocyanurate insulation on top of the peeling asbestos siding, plus insulated window & door trim, using industrial adhesives to make sure we did not disturb the asbestos
  • Applied two coats of pliable acrylic stucco, let it “cure,” and then painted it in warm, rich natural tones
  • Installed a heat recovery ventilator to bring in a constant flow of outdoor air to address any potential indoor air quality issues associated with such a well-sealed home.

Stucco Siding Project: The Results:

Applying Superior Products’ Stucco-lation process resulted in a fresh new look via an eco-friendly process that did not disturb or penetrate the asbestos siding. As an added benefit, “After” thermal scans showed a dramatic improvement in the thermal characteristics to reduce the home’s carbon footprint, and the costs of heating and cooling it!

Thermal Scans Don’t Lie! What An Improvement!

Jim Ratliff, Strictly Thermal, Evergreen, conducted thermal scanning & said:  “Having inspected hundreds of structures, this is the most dramatic change in thermal resistance I have seen.”


Highlights of energy efficiency results (as derived from “before” and “after” thermal scanning are as follows):

1)  Thermal bridging in wall studs was reduced significantly.
2)  Thermal bridging in corners was nearly eliminated.
3)  The walls were consistent in their heat patterns meaning there was little room for improvement in the average.
4)  Air leakage was reduced significantly.  While we do not estimate in actual air flow (pascals), any movement will leave traces which are seen in this high-definition imaging system.
5)  Exterior thermal bridging was reduced significantly.