Masonry Work From Superior Products Home Remodeling

Masonry contractors can help provide a long-lasting, beautiful, and classy upgrade to your home. Exterior masonry accents including brick work or stone works from Superior Products Colorado just can’t be beat! Superior Products offers a variety of exterior brick and stone accents for your home, including:

  • Columns
  • Dramatic entryway masonry accents
  • Full walls of stone
  • Wainscotting around all or a portion of the exterior of your home
  • Brick work and stone works for outdoor living areas.
  • Masonry Contractors Denver | Superior Products Colorado
  • Masonry Contractors Denver | Superior Products Colorado
  • Masonry Contractors Denver | Superior Products Colorado
  • Masonry Contractors Denver | Superior Products Colorado

Four Types of Masonry Offerings

As one of metro Denver’s premier, experienced masonry contractors, Superior Products Colorado offers four types of masonry, including brick work and stone work.

Natural  Stone

Natural stone is as real as its gets, and provides long-lasting accents and siding options for home owners who want this classic, rich look. Real stone is quarried and cut. Then masonry contractors install and secure natural stone with mortar. The result is a classic, natural look for your home with incredible durability. For a perspective on how long a natural stone home or building can last, just visit Italy. The stone homes and buildings you’ll find there have lasted for 500 to 1,000 years, and longer!

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

If you love the look of natural stone, but want a lighter weight option for stone accents on your home, then natural stone veneer is a great option. The Superior Products Colorado team are one of Denver’s premier masonry contractors, who can install naturing thin stone veneer. Simply put, natural stone veneer is natural stone that’s been quarried or collected (such as fieldstone), and then cut to precise dimensions, thickness, and weight for use as a veneer. It’s real stone, but typically is cut about a half inch thick. Its lighter weight allows natural stone veneer to be installed in all sorts of places and locations you might not have thought possible. It can be installed over stucco, drywall, masonry block, and more.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone veneer is a building material that’s manufactured to look like natural stone.  Manufactured stone is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mix into rubber forms. This stone then goes through a coloring process that makes it look like real stone. Manufactured stone is attached to walls with special mortars.

PVC “Faux” Stone

PVC stone building products (“faux stone”) are made primarily of polyvinyl chloride, with other ingredients providing its color, impact resistance, durability, and more. The benefits of faux stone are that it doesn’t fade or crack, it’s lightweight, and it’s easy to install. PVC “faux” stone typically comes in panels that replicate the look of brick or stone, and this is quite a cost-effective alternative.

Brick Work

Brick work is a wonderful durable material that provides richness, warmth, and class to your home, or its outdoor living areas.  Superior Products Colorado is an experienced masonry contractor that can install brick work for building facades, and also for outdoor areas such as cooling areas, fire pits, and more.

For more information about Superior Products Colorado’s masonry contractor services, and how we can add a rich, new look to your home, call us at 303.347.2555, or Email Us.