Fire Resistant Siding from Superior Products Colorado

Fire Resistant Siding | Fiber Cement | Superior Products ColoradoFire resistant siding is more important than ever for Colorado home owners. With the dry winter this year in Colorado, grass fires and wild fires already have burned thousands of acres…and the typical wild fire season hasn’t even started yet. One of the best ways to protect your home from grass fires and wild fires is to use Class A, Fire-rated siding. (A “Class A” fire rating is the best you can get for protecting your home from wildfires.) In addition, insurance company inspectors smile when they see that your home features Class A, fire-rated products because Class A fire-rated siding reduces risk.

Fiber Cement Siding = Fire Resistant Siding

Fire Resistant Siding | Fiber Cement | Superior Products ColoradoFiber cement siding is fire resistant siding because more than 90 percent of the materials used to make fiber cement siding are not flammable (cement & sand). In one fire incident, a fire literally burned several fire trucks to a crisp that were parked 100 feet away from the flames, while a home just next door with fiber cement siding was A-OK.

As a result, Superior Products Colorado recommends fire-resistant fiber cement siding for homes in areas prone to grass fires or wild fires. In addition to being fire resistant siding, fiber cement siding offers many other benefits:

1) Incredible Durability: Fiber cement siding is super durable and can handle Colorado’s freeze-thaw cycles, as well as winds of up to 160 miles per hour!

2) Helps with Homeowner’s Insurance Issues: The fire resistance of fiber cement siding often can help you get, or keep, your homeowner’s insurance. Fiber cement siding also may help keep your premium costs down because it is fire resistant siding.

3) Beautiful & Appropriate For Colorado Aesthetics: Fiber cement siding can be produced in textures, colors, and stains that mimic the look of natural wood so your Colorado home is both protected and complements the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape.

4) An Amazing Warranty: James Hardie fiber cement siding carries a 30-year, transferrable warranty on the material and 15-year warranty on the color.

To learn more about Fire Resistant Siding that gives your home or cabin the best chance for surviving a grass fire or wildfire, and to ensure you can obtain homeowners insurance without paying a fortune, call 303.347.2555 or Email Superior Products Colorado for a free, in-home consultation.