New & Replacement Storm Doors from Superior Products Colorado

New & replacement storm doors are not just for storms! While it’s true that storm doors protect your home and your main door from the elements, there are lots of other good reasons to add or replace storm doors.

4 Main Materials for Storm Doors

Storm doors are made out of four different materials: aluminum, vinyl-plastic, wood, or steel. But if you want a storm door to really perform, the ONLY option you should choose is a steel storm door. Here’s why:

  • Aluminum storm doors are lightweight but that means they’re not very secure. Intruders can easily break through an aluminum door.
  • Vinyl storm doors also are lightweight but easy to break through.
  • Wood storm doors also don’t provide enough security, and they require extensive maintenance because they’re constantly exposed to the elements. Wood storm doors also are prone to warping.

That leaves steel storm doors as your only viable option if you want to:

  • Add another layer of security
  • Lower your utility bills
  • Keep that expensive main door lasting for many years to come
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado

Choosing The Glass and Screens For Your Storm Doors

There are many factors in choosing storm doors, and Superior Products Colorado offers a variety of styles for storm door glass and options for screens. There are full-view storm doors (one big pane of glass) and partial view storm doors (a partial pane of glass coupled with a privacy screen). Some storm doors feature screens that can be removed and switched out with glass panels. More upscale storm doors offer glass panels that slide out of the way to expose the screen when you want fresh air.

Benefits of Adding, Replacing or Upgrading Storm Doors

The benefits of new storm doors are:

  • To increase security
  • To improve energy efficiency
  • To protect your main entryway door from the elements

Steel Storm Doors We Carry

  • Larsen
  • Provia

Knowledge Center 

Want to learn more about how to purchase the right storm doors for your home? Read our Guide to Storm Doors in our Knowledge Center.

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