Replacement Front Doors from Superior Products Colorado

Replacement front doors from Superior Products Colorado are easily the most important element that will transform your home’s curb appeal from “blah” to “WOW!” Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for the long term, or looking to sell your home in the near future, searching out new front doors and installing the right style & configuration to meet your needs is a wise investment for your home.

How To Choose From the Many Front Doors On The Market

There are 7 decisions to make to choose from among the massive selection of front doors on the market today. You’ll be making the following decisions to determine which front door is right for you:

  • Door size
  • Door configuration (choose from single front doors, front doors with side panels)
  • Door material (steel, fiberglass, or wood)
  • Door style (modern, traditional, specific style such as Shaker)
  • Glass insert
  • Door color (wood stain, or actual color)
  • Choice of screens
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado
  • Replacement Exterior Doors | Superior Products Colorado

Standard Materials For Front Doors

There are three main materials used for front doors: steel, fiberglass, or wood. Each type of material offers pros and cons. Here’s a brief look at the pros & cons of various materials used to make front doors:

Steel Front Doors


  • Value: Steel front doors are much more affordable than wood doors and can offer great, long-term value.
  • Secure: Steel offers a slight advantage for stopping intruders.


  • Shorter Lifespan: Despite its strength, steel doors may wear out more quickly if exposed to heavy rains or salt air.
  • More Visible Wear & Tear: If your steel front door is exposed to a lot of heavy traffic, it may dent (hard to repair) or be scratched (may rust).


Fiberglass Front Doors


  • Durable: Unlike their wood counterparts, fiberglass front doors will never warp, crack, splinter, or shrink.
  • Affordable: Fiberglass front doors are moderately priced.
  • Low Maintenance: Dent-resistant, and require little maintenance.


  • Fiberglass front doors can crack under severe impact.


Wooden Front Doors


  • Beautiful: Wood front doors are beautiful, warm, and rich looking.
  • The Most Durable: Solid-wood doors showed the best results in stress tests. Also, they’re less likely to dent and scratches can be repaired.


  • More Expensive: Wood front doors are typically more expensive than steel or fiberglass.
  • Maintenance Required: Wood front doors need painting or varnishing.

Benefits of Replacement Front Doors

  • Improved Curb Appeal: Beautiful, new exterior doors improve the look, feel & curb appeal of your home, whether you’re staying or selling.
  • Energy Efficiency: The exterior doors we carry are Energy Star-rated and improve your energy efficiency.
  • Improved Security: A sturdy, properly installed replacement front door provides security for you & your loved ones.

Replacement Front Doors That We Carry

  • Provia
  • Therma-Tru

If you’re considering your options for replacement front doors, call us at 303.347.2555, or Email Superior Products Colorado.