Cement Fiber Siding Styles & Options

One of the many benefits of cement fiber siding, also called fiber cement siding, is that it comes in such a wide range of styles, colors, and orientations. Since cement fiber siding offers so many options, homeowners can develop truly striking combinations of siding to enhance the curb appeal of their home. Since a picture is often worth a 1000 words, we’ve provided a series of photos showing some examples of striking combinations for cement board siding.

Styles of Cement Fiber Siding

Cement Fiber Siding | Superior Products ColoradoCement fiber siding is available in lapboards, panels, and shingles.

  • Lapboards are long boards attached horizontally to the home’s exterior, and they are attached starting from the bottom and working to the top of the exterior wall. Each long board overlaps the board below it.
  • Board and Batten: This style of cement fiber siding uses alternating wide boards and narrow strips (called battens). Traditionally, the battens are place of the seams between the wide boards, which creates stronger and more energy-efficient siding.
  • Panels of cement fiber siding can be affixed to the home’s exterior wall, side by side. Because cement fiber panels are butted to each other and don’t overlap, there is much less chance of moisture penetration under the overlapping pieces.
  • Shingles of cement fiber siding come in many styles and shapes, with the choice of scalloped edges, staggered edges, or straight edges. This style of cement fiber siding is also called “shake” siding.


Color Combinations of Cement Fiber Siding

Cement Fiber Siding Colors | Superior Products ColoradoWhen ordering fiber fiber siding, homeowners can choose from a massive array of colors. The cement fiber siding arrives already painted. And you can pre-select from a tremendous array of colors for cement fiber siding. So once it’s installed, there’s no need to paint the siding, and the finish is warrantied for 15 years. Homeowners typically have a lot of fun picking, choosing, and combining different colors and shapes to create a truly distinctive home.

Orientation Options for Cement Fiber Siding

Cement Fiber Siding Styles | Superior Products ColoradoAnother way to create visual “sizzle” is to combine orientations of cement fiber siding. Some cement fiber siding runs horizontally, and some runs vertically. It creates visual interest when both horizontal and vertical siding patterns are combined.

The wide range of styles available in cement fiber siding means that homeowners can mix and match various options for interesting contrasts of vertical to horizontal, clean edges vs. staggered edges, multiple color combinations, and more.

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