Five Reasons To Choose LP Smart Siding

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LP Smart Siding, also known as Engineered Wood Siding,” is a type of home siding that offers real advantages for Colorado’s home owners who want durable home siding with a natural look ideal for our mountain environment. What many home owners don’t know is that there are significant advantages to using LP SmartSide Engineered Wood Siding.

Five Compelling Reasons To Choose LP Smart Siding for Your Home

Here are 5 specific reasons why LP SmartSiding is a great choice for home siding:

1) LP Smart Siding Comes In 16-foot Lengths

The “lap” style of LP Smart Siding comes in 16-foot lengths. Other types of home siding typically are available in 12-foot lengths. By using longer strips of lap siding, it results in 33% fewer seams. By having fewer seams, it’s eco-friendly because it minimizes construction waste, and it just flat out looks better.

2) LP Smart Siding Has A Higher “Grain Definition”

The manufacturing process used to make LP SmartSide’s engineered wood siding results in a higher grain definition that mimics the natural look of wood without the heavy maintenance requirements that come with using real wood siding. Whether you look at engineered wood siding up close, or whether you view it from the street, LP Smart Siding looks great, and adds to the curb appeal of your home. The grain definition that you get with engineered siding often is more defined and more natural looking than other types of siding.

LP Smart Siding | Engineered Wood Siding | Superior Products Colorado

3) LP Smart Siding Offers Durable, Long-lasting Color

LP SmartSide’s engineered wood siding uses a priming process that involves applying a paint-based process during the manufacturing process. The result is better and thicker paint thickness, which makes the color more durable.

4) LP Smart Siding Resists Wood Boring Insects Including Termites

Engineered Wood Siding is manufactured with Zinc Borates that permeate through the whole product vs. just being applied to the surface. This accomplishes two great results: a) mold resistance, and b) repels wood boring insects including aggressive Formosan termites. (Formosan termites can and will eat through just about anything, including concrete and hard plastic to get to a food source.)

5) LP Smart Siding Is Easy To Install

Engineered Wood Siding is easier to install than many other types of siding, and for a variety of reasons. On a practical note, it’s roughly 40% lighter than some other types of home siding. That lighter weight makes it easier for your renovation team to install, and it also puts less weight on the frame of your home.

There are five basic types of home siding: fiber cement, engineered wood, vinyl, steel, and stucco. Choosing the right siding should be based on your budget, the environment/climate, and desired aesthetics. LP Smart Siding is modern wood-look siding that offers many benefits: great curb appeal, natural wood look, easy installation, and resistant to insects. When considering your options for home siding, take a good look at LP Smart Siding or be sure to get advice from your contractor on whether engineered wood siding is right for you.

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